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  • Photography Basics II Workshop (SCC Members Only)

Photography Basics II Workshop (SCC Members Only)

  • Wednesday, May 20, 2020
  • 7:30 PM
  • Online with Webex

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Photography Basics II Workshop

Wednesday, May 20th - 7:30pm

Online - Web Ex

Clarke Warren and Joy Schmitz, are leading this workshop that is aimed at the beginner photography but may be of interested to photographers at many levels of expertise.

The workshop covers the following topics

    What makes a Good shot? Short Q&A
    Shots for the wall vs Comp shots
    What am I looking at? One obvious subject
    Joy on Composition
    Never ask What someone's Settings are again...
        Depth of focus or shutter speed? Examples
        How to approach a shot?
        Run & Gun or Pre-Visualization, both are valid     
Most important:
        Stop buying equipment learn to process.
        Shoot for processing   
Critique - Discussion
Final Q&A

An email will be sent to members inviting them to join the workshop.

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