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'Oa Blue Hour' Steve Firmender
'Ready to Launch' Marv Kaminsky
'Bee on Echinacea' Linda Meek
'Surfin' Joanna Cellary
'Abandoned' Joanna Cellary
'Looking For Nuts' Bruce Ryerson
'Rosy Tiger Lily' Paula Firmender
'Inside the Roundtower' June Anderson
'Bridges' Virginia Kolstad
'Bridge and Carousel' Mary Fettes
'Little Buckaroo' Mary Fettes
'Scarlett Tanager' Leesa Beckmann

SCC Products for Sale

SCC has a new logo (see header on this page).  To celebrate this event, we have set up an online store where club members and members of the general public can purchase products with the new club logo on them.  Please follow the link below to access our online store and select your products.  (The club receives a small percentage of the profits on these products.)

Note the store closes on October 28, 2020.  Products will be shipped 10-14 days following the closing of the store.

Thank you for your support of Sparta Camera Club!

SCC Online Store

(Note:  if the link does not work, contact info@spartacameraclub.org)

  Upcoming Events: 

Photography Basics User Groups:  SCC is holding Basic Photography Workshops for those individuals who want to better understand how to use their cameras.  The next workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, October 21.  These workshops are available to SCC Members Only.

Street Photography PresentationJames Maher will do a presentation on 'An Introduction to Street Photography from Beginner to Advanced' on November 11, 2020 at 7 PM on Webex.  Non members should can register at info@spartacameraclub.org.  Provide your name and email address to get a meeting invite.  You must register before Novembeer 10, 2020.  

Current News

Outing to NJ Botanical Gardens/Ringwood State Park

Club members again joined up to take photos at the NJ Botanical Gardens.  It was a beautiful day with lots of fall color and many beautiful flowers and scenes.  Thank you to Bruce Ryerson for the photos.