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  • Sandhill Crane and Chick by Diane Brunovsky
  • Vine Maples on Crescent Lake by Frank Urbaniak
  • The Wave by Linda Powers
  • That's One Hell of a Ride by Bob Baker
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn - Play It Loud by David Lewis
  • Shimmering Lights of Paris by Marilyn Chapman
  • Raindrops on Peony by Donna Romanick
  • Rainbow over the Dunes by Joanna Cellary
  • Pink Orchard by Nancy Madacsi
  • Pink and Yellow Tulip by Gary Bainbridge
  • Periscope Depth by Kent Stuart
  • Peppers by Subhra Bhattacharya
  • Orange Center by Gary Bainbridge
  • Oh, Don't Let Go by Clarke Warren
  • New Colors by Bob Baker
  • Morning in the Swamp by Bob Kochenthal
  • Moonrise Over Manhattan by Virginia Kolstad
  • Landing on a Big Flower by Donna Romanick
  • Key West Pelican by Michael Bellush
  • Keeping Up by Diane Brunovsky
  • Jumping Spider by Michael Tracy
  • Isla del Sol by Linda Powers
  • I'm Listening by Marv Kaminsky
  • Hummingbird Meets Bee by David Lewis
  • Fork Flower by Eleanor Bortnick
  • Forgotten Craft 2 by Donald Rubino
  • Floating Dogwoods by Linda Powers
  • Flamenco Gesture by Mary Fettes
  • Familiar Bluet Damselfly by Peter Rathgens
  • Evening Cruise by John Scalera
  • Crisscross Manhattan Bridge by Kathie Baker
  • Confusion Reigns by Bob Kochenthal
  • Backyard Hawk by Michael Bellush
  • Abstract by Eleanor Bortnick
  • 1908 Singer by Donald Rubino

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