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  • Lotus Pod by Michael Clark
  • Here's Looking at You by Linda Powers
  • Tri-colored Heron by Kent Stuart
  • Vegetation by Michael Clark
  • Violin by Don Rubino
  • Wood Duck on Calm Waters by Gary Bainbridge
  • The Walkway by Peter Rathjens
  • Timely Assets by Peter Rathjens
  • Red-Lored Parrot in Nest Hole by Gary Bainbridge
  • Pink by Deena Vanover-Macdonald
  • Mum by Joe Scozzafava
  • Midtown Manhattan by Virginia Kolstad
  • Magnolia by Linda Powers
  • Madcap Martini by Diane Brunovsky
  • Facing Off by Robert Kochenthal
  • Glenwood Mountain by Frank Urbaniak
  • Floral Experiment
  • Evening Studies by Donald Rubino
  • Early Morning Wood Duck by Donald Rubino
  • Decline and Decay by Frank Urbaniak
  • Datura by Mary Fettes
  • Bee-Lieve by Deena Vanover-MacDonald
  • Bearded Iris by Linda Powers
  • Autumn on the Muskenetcong River
  • A Tender Moment by Diane Brunovsky
  • Great Horned Owl and Owlet by Diane Brunovsky

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