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The following events and links are not sponsored by the Sparta Camera Club, but were compiled and submitted by active club members as opportunities to get involved in and some terrific online locations to continue learning the craft and art of photography. If you have an event or link that you'd like to contribute, please submit the request to info@spartacameraclub.org

Upcoming Events

Annual Festival of Arts at St Francis of Assisi.

Located in Haskell NJ. Currently accepting applications. Submission deadline now extended till April 3rd. Open to all. Applications and prospectus available online at annualartfest.org. or stcatharts.org. Show runs April 18-21st.   More information and entry forms at (see link below).

Patron of the Arts Exhibition

Sussex County Arts & Heritage Council EXPO (2024)

SCAHC is again holding its annual EXPO Competition.  Entries are due by December 13, 2024.  The reception and award ceremony is scheduled for February 24, 2024.  Last year, three SCC members won awards at this competition.  Note:  the entry deadline has passed for this event.  The judging and exhibit will be held in late February and early March, 2024. 

SCAHC EXPO Entry Form and Prospectus 

SCAHC EXPO Event Information

New Jersey Audubon Workshops:  NJ Audubon is holding photography workshops at the Schermann Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary.  The first workshop is Saturday, September 30th from 1 pm to 3:30 pm and will go until May 2024.  These workshops are $12 for Audubon members and $25 for non members.   Click on the link below for more information and to register. Also attached is the schedule.

Registration for NJ Audubon Photography Workshops  

Dec 2023 - May 2024 NJ Audubon photo workshops.pdf

NJFCC 2024 Photorama: 

The 2024 NJFCC Photorama photography conference is scheduled for Saturday, April 6, 2024 at Middlesex County College from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM>  There will be two programs this year:  

Traveling Near and Far with Ken Hubbard, and

Seven Principes of Wildlife Photography with Alyce Bender. 

These are great speakers and it promises to be a great program. PLUS, there will also be a couple of surprises planned for the end of the day.  

For more information and to register, please click on the link in the PDF below. 



NJFCC 2023/24 Competitions

Competitions and Results can be viewed at www.NJFCC.org

Upcoming Competitions

The NJFCC Competition Schedule is shown below.   

The SCC winners for prior competitions are shown below. 

The full results and the photos can be seen on the NJFCC website at www.NJFCC.org.

SCC members can enter the NJFCC digital competitions through Photo Contest Pro (PCP).  The entry dates for the NJFCC 23/24 Competitions are listed below.  Rules and guidelines are in the attached document.  

          NJFCC Photo and Print Competitions Info and Guidelines 23-24 08302023.pdf

NJFCC Competition Schedule

Nature Competitions: 

Fall 2023:  November 14, 2023 (Submit Images by October 31, 2023)

Winter 2024:  February 7, 2024 (Submit Images by January 24, 2024)

Spring 2024:  April 15, 2024 (Submit Images by April 1, 2024)

Pictorial Competitions:

Fall 2023:  November 21, 2023 (Submit Images by November 6, 2023)

Winter 2024:  January 31, 2024 (Submit Images by January 17, 2024)

Spring 2024:  April 16, 2024 (Submit Images by April 2, 2024)

Please see the NJFCC website/competitions (www.NJFCC.org) for more details and to see the complete list of winners and their photos.  


Sparta Camera Club Winners from the

NJFCC 2021-2023 Competitions

Congrats to All Winners!

Winning pictures can be viewed at www.NJFCC.org (Competition Tab) 

Fall Pictorial 2023

Pictorial Creative:

Honorable Mention:  High Torque by Bob Baker

Honorable Mention:  In the Garden by Kathie Baker

Honorable Mention:  New York, New York by Kathie Baker

Fall Pictorial Open

Honorable Mention:  Cabinet by Marv Kaminsky

Fall Nature 2023


Honorable Mention:  Vine Maples by Frank Urbaniak


Honorable Mention:  Group Hug by Diane Brunovsky

Honorable Mention:  Wood Duck on Tranquil Waters by Gary Bainbridge


Honorable Mention:  Robber Fly by Subhra Bhattacharya

Honorable Mention:  Miss Lady Bug by Diane Brunovsky

Spring Pictorial 2023 Competition

Pictorial Creative:  Honorable Mentions

Criss Cross, Kathie Baker

Mount Hope Office, Peter Rathgens

Pictorial Open

Merit Award:  Julian, Subhra Battachcharya

Honorable Mention: Apples in a Basket, Subhra Battacharya

Spring Nature 2023 


Honorable Mention:  Begonia Beauty, Retta Cheung


Winter Pictorial 2023 Competition

Pictorial Open:  Honorable Mentions:

Kathie Baker:  Bellowing the Flames

Marv Kaminsky:  Blue Ford and Last Chance Garage

Virginia Kolstad:  Lighting the 'Way'

Pictorial Creative:   Honorable Mentions:

Subhra Battacharya, Water

Janet Defeo, Mature Dandelion Puffball

Bruce Ryerson, Spooky

Bob Kochenthal, Confusion Reigns

Winter Nature 2023 Competition

General Nature:

Merit Award:  Morning Fog by Bob Kochenthal

Merit Award:  Yanert Glacier, Alaska by Diane Brunovsky

Honorable Mention:  Adirondack Night by Virginia Kolstad


Honorable Mention: Tending to Her Eggs by Diane Brunovsky

Honorable Mention:  Early Morning Stroll by Jessica Williams

Honorable Mention:  Dinner For Warbler by Subhra Bhattacharya


Honorable Mention:  Amberwing by Michael Tracy

Honorable Mention:  Black Bear #3 by Kent Stuart

Honorable Mention:  Familiar Bluet by Peter Rathgens

Fall Pictorial 2022 Competition

Pictorial Creative:

Merit Award: 

Subhra Bhatacharya, Liquid Sculpture

Honorable Mention:

Diane Brunovsky, Keeping Up

Floating Ideas, Bob Baker

In Bound Flight, Bob Baker

Blocks, Kathie Baker

Pictorial Open:

Honorable Mention:  Marv Kaminsky, Old Dodge Pickup

Fall Nature 2022 Competition

General Nature

Honorable Mention:  Michael Bellush, Oxbow Bend in Grand Tetons, NP


Honorable Mention:  Marv Kaminsky, Pray With Me

Honorable Mention:  Frank Urbaniak, Cone Flower Snack

Spring Pictorial Creative Competition

Honorable Mention, Steve Firmender, Pennies From Heaven

Spring 2022 Nature Competition

General Nature:

Honorable Mention, Marv Kaminsky, Looking Up


Honorable Mention:  Peter Rathgens, Green Winged Teal


Merit Award:  Marv Kaminsky, Just Thinking

Winter 2022 Nature Competition


Merit Award, Marv Kaminsky, Alaskan Fern

General Nature: 

Honorable Mention, Virginia Kolstad, Milky Way Reflections


Honorable Mention, Diane Brunovsky, Great Horned Owl in Black & White.


Merit Award, Gary Bainbridge, Elegant Spreadwing Damselfly

Honorable Mention, Marv Kaminsky, Jelly of the Sea

Winter 2022 Pictorial Competition

Pictorial Creative:

Merit:  Diane Brunovsky, Intricacies of the Common Dandelion

Merit:  Steve Firmender, Cookies from Heaven

Pictorial Open:

Honorable Mention:  Mary Fettes, Children in Church

Honorable Mention:  Virginia Kolstad, Bridge at Night

Honorable Mention:  Donald May, Steam Power

Honorable Mention:  Frank Urbaniak, Liberty Loop Autumn AM

Fall 2021 Nature Competition


Honorable Mention:  Gary Bainbridge, Swamp  Spreadwing Dragonfly, 

Honorable Mention:  Michael Tracy, Arrow Clubtail, 


Honorable Mention:  Marv Kaminsky, Dahlia

Pictorial Open:

Honorable Mention:  Virginia Kolstad, 911 View-NYC

Spring  2021 Pictorial Competition

Pictorial Creative:  Honorable Mention:  Fantasy Story book by Eleanor Bortnick

Pictorial Creative:  Honorable Mention:  Rust Never Sleeps by Frank Urbaniak

Spring 2021 Nature Competition

Botanical:  Merit Award:  Fern by Mary Fettes

Botanical:  Honorable Mention:  Snow on Grass by Michael Clark

General Nature:  Honorable Mention:  Little Pigeon River by Mary Fettes

Winter 2021 Pictorial Competition

Pictorial Open:  Honorable Mention:  Speedwell Falls by Steve Firmender

Pictorial Open:  Honorable Mention:  Dutch Windmill by Marv Kaminsky

Winter 2021 Nature Competition

Botanical:  Honorable Mention:  Wild Wine Raspberries by Mary Fettes

General:  Honorable Mention:  Blackwater Sunset by Virginia Kolstad

General:  Honorable Mention:  Waywawanda Stream in Melting Snow by Frank Urbaniak

Fall 2020 Pictorial Competition

Creative Pictorial

Honorable Mention: Captured by a Butterfly by Diane Brunovsky

Honorable Mention:  First Crocus of Spring by Janet Defeo

Pictorial Open

Honorable Mention:  Up, Up and Away by Bruce Ryerson

Honorable Mention:  Castle Hill Lighthouse by Joy Schmitz

Fall 2020 Nature Competition 


Honorable Mention:  Daisy by Nancy Madacsi

Honorable Mention:  Sunflower by Joy Schmitz


Honorable Mention:  Black River by Edwin Klein



Honorable Mention:  Scarlet Tanager by Leesa Beckmann

Honorable Mention:  Proud One by Diane Brunovsky


Honorable Mention: Stuck the Landing by Sean Garvin


Other Competitions / Events

Additional NJFCC events and other photography events are posted on Meetup.com.  We encourage Sparta Camera Club members to join at the following link to learn about many worthwhile presentations.    Join Meetup.com

pon notification of acceptance, all work must be delivered to the New Jersey Highlands Coalition office no later than Wednesday, September 17th. They are located at 508 Main Street, Boonton, NJ 07005. Please call the New Jersey Highlands Coalition at (973) 588-7190(973) 588-7190 to arrange drop off.
pon notification of acceptance, all work must be delivered to the New Jersey Highlands Coalition office no later than Wednesday, September 17th. They are located at 508 Main Street, Boonton, NJ 07005. Please call the New Jersey Highlands Coalition at (973) 588-7190(973) 588-7190 to arrange drop off

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