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Exhibit/Sale at Sussex County Harvest, Honey & Garlic Festival

  • Saturday, October 13, 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Sussex County Fairgrounds, 37 Plains Road, Augusta, NJ 07822
Sparta Camera Club members whose dues are in good standing are eligible to participate at our exhibit at the upcoming Honey, Harvest & Garlic Festival.  We will have panels for hanging framed and wired photos from your current inventory.  We will also have space for your folding display racks.  All photos that represent our Club in good taste and suitable for the general public are welcome for display and/or sale.

ALL participants (and their photos) are required to be at the exhibit for the duration of the Festival.  If you plan to showcase your photos with another Club member, you can organize your participation so that one of you is at the exhibit at all times.

This is an equal opportunity...equal participatory event..for our membership.  No one will be able to drop-off their photos and expect them to be displayed on their behalf.  

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this festival, our Club last participated in 2016. The Festival is free to the public, and last year there were 5,000 attendees!  Check out the Festival website for additional details of the event: http://www.njfamily.com/NJ-Family/Calendar/index.php/name/Sussex-County-Harvest-Honey-Garlic-Festival/event/43264/

If you intend to hang your framed and wired photos on panels, please bring the required hardware (hammer and nails).  Pins will be available for hanging matted/unframed work. Our exhibit will be in one of the open-air barns that are situated between the Fairgrounds Conservatory and the 4H Club pavilion.  These barns provide overhead protection from the elements, the sides of which are unprotected. This event is rain or shine, but the exhibit area is suitable for inclement weather short of a hurricane.  You are encouraged to bring your own lunch (a small cooler is fine), but food and beverages are available on site for purchase. Please note that the exhibit area must be manned at all times for the duration of the Festival.

All sellers are responsible for displaying the cost of their photos, and are responsible for personally handling their own financial accounting on site...including the collection of NJ sales tax.

Sparta Camera Club Retains a 20% Commission of Total Sales

Participants are urged to arrive as early as 8am to set-up the exhibit area.  You will not be able to hang any photos after 9:45am per the rules of the Sussex County Department of Planning and Development.  You may drive your vehicle to the exhibit barn to unload your inventory. All vehicles must be properly parked (according to signage on site) before 10:00am.

Club members who do not wish to display their work are very much encouraged to attend!!! Wear your Club tee shirt (not a requirement) and enjoy the day with your colleagues.  Above all else...please help set-up the Club's display area. 

If you have any questions regarding the general activities of the Festival, the aforementioned website will have appropriate contact numbers to assist you.

If you are planning to attend and display your photos, please inform the Club's coordinator of this event, Larry Zaback, by October 9, 2018.  Email Larry at larryzaback@gmail.com, or call 973-670-7022. 

If you have questions regarding our Club's exhibit area or general questions about our participation at the Festival, please contact Larry Zaback as noted above.  This is sure to be a highlight of our Club's calendar of events.

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