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  • Photographing the Milky Way (Weather and Sky Dependent)

Photographing the Milky Way (Weather and Sky Dependent)

  • Thursday, September 21, 2017
  • 9:00 PM
  • Friday, September 22, 2017

Photographing the Milky Way (Weather and Sky Dependent)

Date:  Thursday, Sept 21 or Friday Sept 22 Lusscroft Farm

Time:  9:30

Location: Lusscroft Farm 50 Nielson Road

We are planning an outing to shoot the Milky Way at Lusscroft Farm There will be a free field trip. We will decide that morning based on the forecast if we are running the event. 

Email Virginia K. for confirmation that the event will occur. vkolstad@msn.com

Note:  this outing is weather dependent.  If it is overcast, we will not be able to photograph the Milky Way.

Just a reminder on what to bring:

1. DSLR-lowest noise camera you have, full frame is best APS-C works too.

2. Fast wide angle lens- 24mm on a full frame, 14 mm on an APS-C, however can use 35mm or 50mm. Aperture f/2.8 or faster. Prime is better than a zoom, but zoom can work. See attached slide for lens sizing.

3. Sturdy tripod-the larger/stiffer the better.

4. Ball head-the larger/stiffer the better.

5. Remote shutter and/or Intervalometer- (The intervalometer is very handy but not necessary). You can use tape to hold shutter button down.

6. Hand warmers- these are for your lens not your hands. Keeps dew from forming on your lens.

7. Gaffers or painters tape-this is used to:·       hold hand warmer on lens, ·       hold shutter button down in place of intervalometer,  ·       lock Focus ring, and·       cover eyepiece to prevent light leaking into your camera.

8. Red headlight or flashlight-NO WHITE LIGHTS!!! Red light preserves night vision. (Can use red flash gel taped over regular flashlight.)

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