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  • SCC Meeting Announcement: What I Learned Over the Summer

SCC Meeting Announcement: What I Learned Over the Summer

  • Tuesday, September 15, 2015
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Sparta Ambulance Building

What I Learned Over the Summer

SCC's version of "Show and Tell" - The title says it all...

Please submit 2 images from your Summer 2015 collection that demonstrate lessons you learned during your summer photography excursions.

Photos may be submitted through the PhotoContest Pro website at www.photocontestpro.com 

PDF with detailed submission instructions:  Photo Contest Pro.pdf

Please note:  Internet Explorer required for using method #1 w/ Silverlight.  For further assistance with method #2 or if you are a new member and need to have an account set up to submit images through PhotoContestPro, please send an email to info@spartacameraclub.org.


Here is a photo I took for the Sparta Historical Society's Boogie Woogie Victory Ball in May:  

(Photo credit:  Gina Pierson)

First, I would like to say this is one of my favorite photos of people that I have ever taken - that being said on to what I learned from this photography experience.

While the overcast sky can create a natural "softbox" because of the lack of actual direct sunlight.  The lack of direct sun and shadows can mean that most subject matter and the foreground and background can be lost to middle gray.  

If you have a very stormy sky, that can be an advantage because you will get "angry skies" which will add drama to your photo.  In this particular case, it was gray blanket overcast with very little dramatic impact.  

What I believe works for this photo is the cropping and that most of the subject matter is well lit and is comprised of distinctly different color subject matter that cannot be lost to "middle gray".  If there were more water or sky in this photo, it may be another story.

I may try to post process this one again and put in a different sky.  All techniques that I tried in post-processing to add a bit of drama led to other effects I did not like in the photo.  

What techniques would you have tried?

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